All of us remember “that” teacher who truly made a difference in our lives. Few professions hold the same potential for personal fulfillment as teaching. And with a projected increase in job prospects of 17 percent over the next several years, this career track promises both security and emotional reward.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education program will prepare you to enter the field with the skills and knowledge necessary to create a safe and inclusive learning environment for all children. This program serves as an entry point for future educators; no prior experience is required. Throughout your course work, you will enjoy the support of a progressive and diverse cohort of mature women.


  • Course work includes an introductory education course, courses in child development and special education, courses in the teaching of reading, ESL, curriculum, and classroom management.
  • Education majors also engage in interdisciplinary arts and sciences courses. The courses that you take will be in the subjects you will teach (e.g. history, science, math, English).
  • Courses will prepare you for the Massachusetts Tests for Education Licensure (MTEL), which you will need to pass in order to enter practicum. (Preparatory support is provided.)


  • Student teaching/practicum is a full-time commitment for one semester.
  • Students can request schools, teachers, and grade levels.
  • Students are supported through the practicum, including help with applying for a brief leave of absence from a current workplace, if needed, and help with receiving financial loans to pay for living expenses while you are completing your practicum.


  • If you meet all of Bay Path’s requirements, you will license as a teacher in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, grades 1 – 6. To obtain a license in other states, you will need to pass the required state exams, and apply for licensure. All Bay Path licensure programs are approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.