Bay Path College offers a non-licensure option in education. The non-licensure option is available for the Early Childhood Track, as well as the Elementary Education Track. In the non-licensure option, students will complete all requirements that are listed for the education degree, except for the Massachusetts Test of Educational Licensure, and the practicum. The non-licensure track benefits people who:  

  • Wish to complete a practicum for licensure in a graduate program, and not as an undergraduate
  • Wish to obtain a Massachusetts EEC (Early Education and Care) credential to teach in a private preschool setting, but not a public school setting- (must enroll in the Early Childhood Non-licensure track for this credential)
  • Wish to go on to another education-related field, such as social work or psychology
  • Wish to explore progressive education coursework, but do not wish to be a head-teacher in a classroom
  • Wish to transfer in more elective credits from another college (there is more room for electives to substitute for the practicum/student teaching credits)
  • Wish to bypass the MTELs and practicum, but still graduate with education coursework



  • The non-licensure track will not allow you to license as a teacher in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but it will provide all the course work necessary to be able to come back to Bay Path to complete the practicum after graduation, if desired.
  • All of the education tracks, both licensure and non-licensure are streamlined and flexible, allowing for the easy transfer of students from one track to another at (mostly) any point in her education experience.